Casa Rosada

The Casa Rosada …  is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina.


It is from here in 1945 that Eva Perón stood on the balcony and addressed the crowds of a quarter of a million people gathered demanding the release of her husband.  Juan Perón had been arrested by his political opponents.   The home of the President is in Olivos, a suburb of Buenos Aires.

4 thoughts on “Casa Rosada

  1. There were barricades all around the fron, and although we could skirt them, getting a long shot like this was near impossible! How do you get the colour to ‘pop’? 🙂

    • It’s too bad when we visit these places only to find our views hampered by construction or refurbishing. In Venice the Bridge of Sighs was being restored and was covered by large billboard sized photos instead. :(. Although it’s good they are restoring these wonderful buildings.

      I downloaded (free I’m pretty sure) photoshop elements 8. Haven’t been able to make head nor tails of most of it but I used the tool to lasso all that I wanted to change to black and white, preserving the Casa Rosada in it’s natural colour.

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