13 thoughts on “The Evening Air

    • I use a variety of programs – some I like for this and some I like for that, and I play. This particular shot had wonderful light in it. I often layer the changes – one change in this program and then take it over to another and do something more. In most cases, I won’t remember the route I took 😉

        • I am currently trying to work my way through Nik and Lightroom and all I’m getting is frustrated. I find both very cumbersome and I’m not finding the results worth the anguish [neither is my husband 😉 ] I use fotosketcher, and photoscape, And on occasion Pixlr and Ribbit – all free. But the BEST photo edtior I have come across is Sagelight – see my post on Dec 15. I find the interface very east and the results fantastic. HOWever, there are problems on the business end. The creator, Rob, is a genius in programming but dreadful with the business end. He is currently not responding to people who have purchased – he is secluded and programming the forum tells me – meaning I paid and have not received the activation code. They say he will surface and make things right and I hang on to that hope but I am in Sagelight withdrawal since my free trial ran out. I DO know someone who purchased it in Dec and received his code. You can check out the free trial – that works, but I can’t recommend purchasing at this time.

          • All I haven’t heard of, and will definitely check out. Thanks for the heads up on Sagelight. Perhaps I might get lucky. 🙂 Can’t wait to play !

            Lightroom is an amazing software and incredible file management system. The library is powerful and there are multiple ways you can relocate your images later.

            The develop module is built as standard photography edits. Nothing creative like you’re doing. Start at the top and work the sliders down.

            The Nik Suite is a great plug in with Lightroom, but a little cumbersome to first figure out.

            Wish you luck with them, and feel free to ask questions. 🙂

          • OK, first question – is there an UNdo button? When I click on a preset to see what it will do, and then a different one … I can’t tell if it’s layering them or not. Or I move a slider here and there and then do a different edit … can I just undo that last edit? When in NIK all I can find is a cancel (right out of the program) or save. I can’t even see where to SAVE in Lightroom – I’ve been using the export button – ? I don’t actually like the management system – I don’t WANT a management system and it is irksome. Then when I go back to my folders I see photos with edit-edit-edit after them – so WHEN was lightroom saving them? When I export I always give them a different name so I now these edit-edit-edit aren’t ones I actually saved. As you can see, my frustration level has been high.

          • Ok..I’m trying again.

            YES, there is an undo button. Just hit Ctrl Z. OR, go to the left of the screen and open up the history tab. You see each edit listed there. Just click down to the point you want to begin again at. Each click that you make is automatically saved. No manual saving is required.

            Note that what you are working on is a Hologram of your original image. LR does NOT change your original image while you are playing with it. You can make multiple duplicates of the hologram by hitting CTRL ‘ and try different ways of editing.

            The final edited version needs to be exported back to your hard drive for uploading, etc.

            My file system is as such: Year; Topic; edited.

            I shoot RAW, and export as a JPG. Thus, each image is automatically a new image and doesn’t overwrite the original.

            You can rename the files when you import them into LR. I use an abbreviation code with the date of the photo taken.

            Believe me, you will want a file management system to easily find images at a future date. A person asked me for a specific bird photo, and if I didn’t have a code system with key words, I wouldn’t have been able to locate it from my 40,000 + images.

            With NIK, same thing – just CTRL Z to undo any changes or “X” out the filter on the right.

            Hope this helps

          • I am copying and pasting into word so I can refer to this. I do have my photos in folders that I can understand and they are tagged so I am doing ok in that regard, at least now. Thanks for this Emily. Much appreciated. But I still don’t understand why they have made the program so complicated that even the saving and undo is not apparent.

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