Cornwall Landscape

Veryan landscape Cornwall 04 SL 8x6

My original photo, shown below, lacked the atmosphere of the day so I turned to Sagelight.  First, I adjusted the lighting using Smart Light which brought up the detail in the sky.  Using Power Details I brought up the detail and lighting in the shrubbery.  To get what I wanted in the foreground I had to accept some ‘noise’ in the sky so after accepting the changes, I went back and used the undo brush sparingly to take away some of that noise.  I also used Sagelight’s Noise Reduction feature to reduce a bit more noise.  The amount I left I feel imparts some of the misty moisture that was present in the air.   The photo was taken near Veryan in Cornwall, England.

Veryan landscape cornwall 04This is in response to and Stacy’s After Before Friday Week 34

18 thoughts on “Cornwall Landscape

  1. Lynne, I’ve never heard of Sagelight. Thanks for introducing us to it. The steps you took transformed your image beautifully. I feel as if I can smell the fields and the lingering rain in the air. What a gorgeous scene! Thanks so much for sharing this on ABFriday 🙂

    • Thank you, Mary. I don’t normally like to push my photos too far, although sometimes it’s just fun 🙂 I tried to keep it as close to how I remembered it so I’m glad you like what I did.

  2. Lots of days like this in Cornwall as you experienced Lynne. The light can be so flat and un-flattering of the landscape. Skies just end up white and devoid of all texture when photographed. You’ve done an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere and bringing out the detail. 🙂

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