8 thoughts on “Devon tree in the rain

  1. How come I have never wandered onto this blog of yours before? There is a lot on here that I like! And this tree is just what I was discussing on my blog a day or two ago, well not THIS tree, but tress growing at the side of winding narrow roads, trees that look amazing with their bare structural winter branches, trees where it is almost impossible to stop and photograph them. And you did! With that car coming round the bend turning a good photo into a great photo. OK. Nuff said. I’m going to have to follow this blog too so I don’t miss other beauties, and I can come back and have a dig around the archives.
    Jude xx

    (BTW I got to your blog via a random click on some of the links on Ailsa’s travel theme challenge, of which yours was one – serendipity!)

    • I am very glad you found it, Jude. And thank you for all the kind words. Apparently we feel the same about the trees and their marvelous shapes and spirits. That one you speak of was intended just as a photo of a tree on the road to Nomansland (seriously). The one titled Tree Spirit in my tree series is another one I just HAD to stop and photograph. Must have taken a dozen. It was on the road to Lawrenny in Wales. Thank you for all your footprints today 🙂

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