Ste Enimie

St Enimie

It was the tower and stone that originally caught my attention when taking this photo in Ste. Enimie.   However, I decided that zooming in on the couple and the village street better displayed the charm of this delightful village in the Gorge du Tarn in central France.  Using Sagelight I brought up the details and used the tone blender to bring the image together.
St Enimie

This is in response to and Stacy’s After Before Friday Week 36

19 thoughts on “Ste Enimie

  1. Lynn, I agree with everyone else – cropping as you did was spot on. It tells us what you want us to focus on and feeds our imaginations about the couple wandering in this charming village. And I don’t feel that by cropping we lost out on the architecture at all. Lovely shot!

    • There are often several images within one photo – I usually check the cropping just to see. While I like the view of the architecture in the original, this crop makes it much more personal and more of an experience. I’m glad you like it, Ben 🙂

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