Church of the Holy Cross

Like many, I find Photoshop difficult to master, even understand.  I wanted to play with layering but hadn’t found anything user friendly, until now.  Thanks to a tip I picked up at Elizabatz Gallery  regarding Pixlromatic I was able to produce this image I am pleased with.   I introduced a sky layer to produce this image of the Church of the Holy Cross in Cruwys Morchard, Devon.   As a first go I am pleased with it.

Cruwys Morchard church exterior layered sky SL 8X6

Original image

15 thoughts on “Church of the Holy Cross

  1. Hi Lynne,
    You’ve done a very nice job on this picture. I must do a tutorial on layers and layer masks in Photoshop at some point. It took me ages to get to grips with, I looked at so many tutorials and then one day it clicked. I’ve taught quite a few people to use them now and the comment generally is ‘Oh, is that it? Why do they make it so complicated?’.

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