13 thoughts on “Photo101: Connect

  1. A beautiful image. I assume you did this in post? And I love the way you “connected” the word prompt with your photo!

    • Hi Emilio and thank you. I’m not over enthused about my processing on this one – I don’t think it stands up to scrutiny very well but I do think it suggests what I was trying to convey of the present meeting the past. I appreciate your visit and comment.

  2. Great processing here, it really gives it a feel of stepping back in time. I love visiting place that my relatives have lived (being a hobbyist genealogist myself), picturing what it must have been like when they walked around places.

    • I wasn’t too sure about the processing so thank you Karen. And indeed it was MOST interesting because so much of the village is at it was, except the viaduct that was new when she was there is now 100 years old. Her brother’s school is still there off the square.

    • Dinan is a really interesting village and we spent two weeks there. On that trip we also found the grave of my 3x great grandparents and that was an experience. It hadn’t set out to be a genealogical trip – in fact we hadn’t known my great grandmother had lived in Dinan until after we had booked our old fisherman’s cottage by the river.

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