Five Photos Five Stories: Seagull Attack

Five Photos, Five Stories Day 4

Jude at Travel Words invited me to take part in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  The challenge is  to “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.seagull at Tenby SL 8X6

So, we arrived in Tenby (Wales) at noon and decided to eat our packed sandwiches on the grass right there by the car park, overlooking Tenby Beach and the Bristol Channel.  Another lady sat nearby on the grass.  We each pulled out our sandwiches when this mean old bird arrived at my feet.  He eyed the food and without warning emitted a call that, in seagull language, was obviously a call to comrades, “Hey, guys, over here! I got a couple of dumb tourists!”   His comrades responded with lightening speed, swooped in and grabbed my friend’s sandwich as she raised it to her mouth for a first bite.  Gone!  I, of course, laughed.  Then strike two and my lunch was swept off between the clutching claws of a tough old bird.  I stopped laughing, but the lady nearby continued to chuckle.   The other of the flock not yet satisfied, flapped in close, talons down.  We retreated.  Beaten and hungry.  When we left they had another car surrounded.  

Today I nominate Cee at Cee’s Photography.  She’s probably way to busy running all her great challenges that give photo bloggers like me a focus for that next post.  No obligation, Cee. 

7 thoughts on “Five Photos Five Stories: Seagull Attack

  1. Hi Lynne, such a great story and seagull photo. Thanks ever so much for nominating me. I just played this challenge a couple of weeks ago. I’m so thrilled you thought of me though. How very sweet.

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