Once again I missed Stacy’s ABFriday but here’s one anyway.DSC02044 sl 1 8x6

I played with this a lot, tweaking this and tweaking that – I couldn’t possibly remember it all.  In fact I tried to do another version and it didn’t even come close.  It was done in Sagelight and I used edge effects, the clone tool to adjust the positioning of some lights and darks and I ran it through a glass filter and a smoothing filter.  I didn’t know where I was heading with it but when I saw the lovely watercolour effects and hard and soft edges I knew I had got there.

Original imageDSC02044 8x6

9 thoughts on “Grapes

  1. Good gosh, Lynne! That first one looks like fantasy grapes. Both of these are gorgeous. The second photo looks ready to be a nice, dry red wine. Yeah!!

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