Kissy is an African Grey Parrot who needed rescuing. She had to have a plate put in her chest and most likely will not grow her feathers back.  DSCN6593 Kissy SL 8X6Paula’s Thursday’s Special: Birds Eye View, or just a bird’s eye. 


8 thoughts on “Kissy

  1. I have many rescue Grays, and it’s so sad how some people can be so cruel to something so sweet and helpless. They really are very sweet, and EXTREMELY intelligent.
    I am so glad that Kissy is doing ok.

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    • No, until recently we had a local parrot rescue lady who saved Kissy and about 19 other parrots from various unpleasant situations. She kindly visited us when our grandson was here and brought several of her parrots. Kye really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic photo op … consequently I took several shots … yes, several. 🙂

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