Nobel Museum

DSCN4538 Nobel Museum Stortorget 2 Stockholm bw 8x6DSCN4538 Nobel Museum Stortorget 2 Stockholm bw 8x6Considered one of the most impressive buildings in Stortorget in Gamla Stan, Stockhom, the former stock exchange building was built between 1767 and 1778.  It is on the site of the former city hall but with the advent of electronic trading the stock exchange moved and in 2001, on the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, it re-opened its doors as the Nobel Museum.  It too is soon to move, apparently, as it’s getting cramped for space.  What it will house next is anybody’s guess but I’m sure it won’t be torn down … as we are wont to do too often in Canada.

Cee’s black and white challenge: Older than 50 years

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