Lighthouse at Chanonry Point

Chanonry Point on the Black Isle in Scotland lies at the end of a spit of land that juts into the Moray Firth.  It is supposed to be one of the best spots in Britain to view Bottlenose dolphin, although we didn’t see any ;(    The lighthouse was designed by Alan Stevenson, a Scottish Lighthouse Engineer who designed 13 lighthouses in and around Scotland between 1843 and 1853.

DSCN8657 Chanonry Point sl 8x6

4 thoughts on “Lighthouse at Chanonry Point

  1. It looks like you got a lovely sunny day for your visit to Chanonry Point. I live on the other side of the Black Isle and nip over fairly regularly for a walk along the beach and to look for dolphins. I’ve seen them a few times but there is definitely an element of luck involved!

    • We had beautiful weather for our visit, Karen. Just two weeks we had, in late Sept, early October. Would have liked to see more of your beautiful country but came back with over 1,000 photos 🙂 to enjoy, so watch for more 🙂 And, thank you, you were my 500th follower 🙂

      • 500 followers – congratulations! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to the Black Isle. September/October is my favourite time of year so you probably saw it at its best (other than the lack of dolphins!).

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