9 thoughts on “When it rains in February/5

    • Thank you, Sonia. Our winter here in southeastern Ontario has been quite mild. I’ve only had my drive plowed twice this season. But milder winters here mean freezing rain and that can be much less pleasant (and more treacherous) than a pretty snowfall. And most of us have not forgotten the ice storm of ’98 that knocked out power for up to 4 weeks for some of us.

      • Four weeks! That would definitely cure me from wanting to live in Canada – if I ever considered it, which I am not 🙂 As beautiful as your winters must be, they are still cold, cold, cold. And I get cold when the temperature falls to 60 degrees – I almost forgot! You have Celsius in Canada, just like we have in Poland 🙂 Anyway, I prefer temperatures above 20 C 🙂

        • I enjoy our winters, to a certain degree – pun intended 🙂 but the older I get the shorter I would like them to be. As for moderate temperatures – I enjoy it most when it is about 20-25 C Consequently I love spring and fall best.

          • I agree. Those optimal temperatures suit us better when we come of age…:) I feel the same way. Looks like the spring and fall should be the ideal conditions for visits to Ontario 🙂 I will keep that in mind for the future 🙂

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