Abstract State of Mind

I did a post last month that relates to this, that our choice of subject and how we edit our images speak a lot about our experiences.   This is just another shot of the floor at my feet; I’ve taken a few of these when the lines and angles, lights and darks that pass across my screen catch my eye. This was taken during my month at the hospital with my husband. My normal was fracturing and the puzzle pieces of my life that once nestled together were fraying and shifting.  

Please click on image for a larger viewDSCN1653 sl 8x6

Weekly photo challenge: state of mind

5 thoughts on “Abstract State of Mind

  1. I love the geometry of this. And it’s a classic example of how we don’t have to leave our house, our room, even our seat to find images. Our eyes just need to be tuned in and images will reveal themselves. But then we have to compose – and you’ve done a a fine job there Lynne.

    • Thank you, Andy. With urges to travel and photograph new things, I do forget about all the images that can be composed from the scenes and objects right around me. I think I’m even getting the urge to delve into still life. 🙂

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