18 thoughts on “Venetian Alley

        • Paula, you’ve just perked me up a bit. It’s been a very hard time these last weeks since my husband passed away and going on my site and having immediate responses from virtual friends out there, it makes me feel a bit more connected. I hope you have a good day and thank you. We never know when our words are going to help or make a difference as your simple responses have just done.

          • 😦 I had no idea. 😦 I am so sorry I did not know. If you need to chat or a bit of distraction I am here for another hour. Please accept my condolences Lynne 😦

          • I have a friend who has been through this, twice, and she says the key is to keep busy. I always enjoyed my blogging and photography and have found it a creative outlet and a great distraction from everything else. Hopefully I will be back to it soon. We are having a memorial service this weekend which, I guess, is supposed to mark the point from which I begin the rest of my life. Something I’m not looking forward to.

          • March 3rd. We had been told on the return from our trip in October that he had cancer and that he only had months left. It all still seems very surreal.

          • Appreciated, Paula. Brave, I don’t know; I’m learning that it is what it is and I have to keep moving. Thank you for the chat, now I have to do the mundane chores of grocery shopping and playing with the dog. Hope you day is a good one, Paula.

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