Pen y Gwyrd Hotel

The mountaineeer’s hotel at the foot of Yr WyddfaSnowdon, the highest peak in Wales at 3560 ft. –  Please click on the image for a larger view.IMG_1104 sl 8x6

Photo taken by my husband, Graham, processing by me.


7 thoughts on “Pen y Gwyrd Hotel

  1. I’ve stayed there (some time ago) and spent quite a lot of time not just drinking in the bar but reading about the associations between this hotel and the successful 1953 Everest Expedition. Snowdonia is my favourite mountain area of the UK.

    • I had read that Hillary and Norgay trained from there. Interesting. I was very taken with the area. I enjoyed a visit to south Wales a few years ago but prefer the more rugged north.

      • There’s something very special about Snowdonia – being able to stand on a high peak and see the sea in two directions. And a scramble round the Snowdon Horseshoe is one of my favourite walks

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