Michelle’s choice for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Jubilant.  I decided to go with an abstract that to me, sings with a feeling of great happiness and triumph … which was the definition Google provided.   Please click on image for a larger view and see below for the original photograph.symphony


DSCN6120 8x6

10 thoughts on “Jubilant

  1. Love the feeling of this Lynne, happiness personified! How do you make the change, any special program?

    • Hi Lee. The major changes, the distortion of the image, was done in PS Elements 8 using the polar coordinates. I then cropped it to a composition I liked. For everything else, fine tuning, I use Sagelight, which I love.

      • Thanks for that info Lynne, I haven’t used Sagelight, actually know nothing about it (which I’ll have to rectify). Like polar coordinates, lots of fun there:)

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