Hill of Fearn in colour

I posted this image in black and white earlier, but I like it better in colour.  Taken near Hill of Fearn in Scotland, I implored my brother-in-law to stop yet again, that I could capture the magical light that filled the sky.  Please click on image for a better view.

dscn8408-near-fearn-sl-8x6Weekly photo challenge: Magic

14 thoughts on “Hill of Fearn in colour

  1. One of the difficulties of converting to B&W is deciding which ones work and which one’s don’t. And often it is not obvious. I prefer the colour version here because it is the colours that make the image – they are beautiful and golden suggesting it’s either early or late in the day. I like the feel of minimalism and the open space.

    • Yes, I’m not sure why I even converted it in the first place. It’s that beautiful green and the shades in the sky that are so telling of the actual moment, which was later in the day on the way to Hilton after a day of outing and abouting.

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