When I need to relax …

There are many such photos as this one going up on blogs to represent relaxation, but yet here’s another one.  Sitting by the water and listening to the soft swish and gurgle of it as it passes over rocks or sand … that is what relaxes me.  Today I needed to relax but had to make do with a painting of the sea and waves coming from my Ipod, but it worked too, not quite as pleasurably, but effective enough that I could get on with my day.    

Taken in Mexico – Please click on image for a better view.  seascape-mexico-sl-8x6-copyright

9 thoughts on “When I need to relax …

  1. We moved a year ago to somewhere that is within a 45 minute drive of the South Coast. Previously we were about as far from the sea as you can be in the UK. And we love being able to get down to see the sea. You are absolutely right – it is relaxing. There is something abut being beside the sea and looking out to the distant horizon.

    • Yes, there is, Andy. I am about as far from the sea as you can get in Canada, in Ontario. Mind you we have the great lakes, the closest being Lake Ontario which is still not that close. For me, it is the St. Lawrence River which is about 15 minutes away. But not so many places where you can just sit and be.

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