3 thoughts on “Abstract Photography/14

    • Thank you, Y. I felt that the detail on the left balanced the colour. It’s a bit hard to tell with my copyright sitting there so prominently but I had a piece lifted by someone displaying it as their own. I’m glad you liked it – I hope that means you didn’t find it unpleasantly out of balance.

      • I liked all of them and jus FYI – your copyright was not a distraction in any of them.
        So I guess that there is a way to do it to where we see the logo and don’t even realize – yet it is there for the protection!
        But sometimes I have noticed she. The copyright gets in the way – and recently I mentioned it to a blogger and they ignored me – I don’t care – but thought I would just let them know my experience – and their logo was this shadowed and angled name and well – it was an example of where it detracted – for this viewer at least –
        Sorry to ramble – but I think it can be done right – and u have it

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